Electrical code reviews and facility assessments that give you the data to make better decisions

The most important question at the beginning of a project isn’t “How will we complete this project?”. It is often “Should we take on this project?”.

Forkner Engineering’s Facility Assessment Services partners with you to ensure that your project doesn’t come with any big surprises down the road. We can provide all of the components you need.

Local, National, and International Code Compliance Reviews

Drawings and system designs must be signed off on by a certified professional. We are able to review any third party drawings and ideas to ensure that they are code compliant and will pass all emergency and regulatory inspections. If needed, we will turn them into construction and permit drawings that help take your idea and make it a reality.

Recommendations on Property Purchase and Building Improvements

Purchasing a property comes with a lot of unknowns. You know what you can see, but what about all the things that need a more expert eye?

We review the existing building and the condition of key systems to help our clients make informed decisions including maintenance conditions, usage, energy requirements. You are also able to supply probable cost assessments needed to determine the overall value and worth of the building before you purchase.

Complete Renovation Plans

If you think your building or a possible investment property needs key renovations, we provide a complete code review to get your building up to code and in use including as-built drawings to begin the design process to help you move forward quickly and efficiently.

If you’ve ever wondered, whether you should build new or renovate existing structures, we’ll give you the data that empowers you to make the decision that is right for you.

Want to build something that is noticed for all the right reasons?