Make Sure Your Project is Executed Well and Done the Right Way

Design Development and Drawings are important, but none of that will matter if it is not executed correctly.

Forkner Engineering provides project services that ensure that the same level of care and expertise that went into preparing your electrical system will be given to your entire project.

Project Management

Forkner Engineering can take your designs and drawings and turn them into the space you envisioned.

We ensure that all contractors are on the same page and work together to get your project done as fast and efficiently as possible–no corners cut, no code violations hidden or ignored.
We’re on site making sure that we’re building something together and doing it the right way.

Project Oversight

Forkner Engineering also offers project oversight services that ensure that your ownership interests are protected.

We safeguard against a project not being completed on-budget, on-time, or within specified parameters for completion. We’re the watchdog that makes sure a project gets done according to plan. We’re act as your eyes and ears to make sure that the project is being done the right way and on time.

Value Engineering

Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should. Likewise, just because something is optional doesn’t mean it lacks real value.
Forkner Engineering offers value engineering services because it could pay you, quite literally, to look at the details and ask the question, “why?”.

In value engineering, we look at each and every decision from the type of material we use to the types of lights we install and look at the overall value of that decision. In other words, can we get the same functionality and quality over a period of time using a more cost-effective product. Or, conversely, could we gain exponential value by spending a little bit more on a better quality alternative.

Want to build something that is noticed for all the right reasons?